Helicopter Tour

Discovering the unique beauty of Costa Smeralda from a helicopter perspective is a unique and memorable experience

Dive into the fabulous atmosphere of a breathtaking flight at sunset, to admire the splendid and unspoiled nature of the island, its bays, white beaches and colors of its sea that go from emerald to intense blue, and of course take the most beautiful photos of your vacation.

A scenic flight to discover the stunning La Maddalena archipelago, with Bonifacio and Cavallo island on sight

The picturesque views of rocky islands with the thousand shades of turquoise on the sea, separated by white sandy beaches. It’s a unique experience,  especially when, upon landing, a table awaits you at the exclusive restaurant. Enjoy the quiet and charming bay and savor the flavors of the refined dishes.

Not only an exceptional lunch, but also a unique and exclusive location. A truly divine way to enhance your holidays.

Additional activities are available upon request