Sporting Events

Sardinia is a land that lends a lot to the practice of different types of sports

Its mild climate invites outdoor activities. It’s a perfect place to play golf.
The unusual beauty of the landscapes, the big spaces, and the quality of installations make Pevero Golf Club the best golf course in Sardinia.
Golf is a sport for true gentlemen! As Phil Mickelson said: «The purpose of golf isn’t just to win, play like a gentleman and win! »
You can book your day with us on the best golf courses.

The sea of Sardinia is a wonder of nature, one of the most beautiful in the world

Its seabed is like a rainbow, full of multicolor fish, crustaceans and shellfish and an explosion of coral colors. Diving into this heavenly sea will give you an unforgettable experience.
For marine fishing enthusiasts we offer a boat rental service with an expert Master Diving instructor.

Sardinia is an unspoiled island, the land of winds and waves, opens up to windsurfing.

One of the favorite destinations for windsurfing enthusiasts.



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